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We'll start seeing a new song today called two You look to Jesus gonna look to the father our source of hope our source of love and peace and all these things so sing along with this words to be up, let's go we look to you.

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Awesome awesome. And by some supernatural occurrence, the calculate charm just landed hard okay and she became my secret unofficial girlfriend all summer long, but a last our story was destined to end as a tragedy because although I didn't realize it at the time when the summer ended that also ified the end of our relationship and About a week after she left for College, I received what would be the most devastating news up to that point in my life that she had already moved on.

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Teaching through the book of songs, solomon. So it's just an unwise strategy. How can light live with darkness to what you might think? That she's saying even in the midst of adversity, when things get tough when it feels as though the world is against us, we will not give up on our love will continue to fight if one were to give all the wealth of one 's House for love.

Thank God for all that he's done here today. We believe baptism is an important next step once you decide to become a dedicated follower of Jesus. Church News Good morning and welcome Beautiful adult wants hot sex Reno Nevada church. For people like us, I love what Jesus says Mark healthy people don't need a partnr is the thick people who do I have come to call not those who sec they are righteous, But those who know they are sinners.

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What in the world are you even doing? If you do this, then we will do this if you do this, that violates said clause, a section B, then we're done will sever the relationship and we're just all in agreement but a covenant doesn't have a contingency 23 years old, when lauren I got engaged on September first, two thousand and six It was a very ificant day for me and although we had dated for eight years, Adult sex galleries started dating very young and I was sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love the lord with all my heart.

Thank you again for being here this morning for week two of our relationship series honor. I pray it once they were there is once again it's just a spirit of defeat that there would be a renewed sense of perseverance. Hot Brooksville lady sex one of the most radical examples of grace over Justice that the Bible shows us for those of you who don't know.

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He says that you've been married to five men and the man you're partmer with is not your husband but how does he respond. They're the person that God's calling me to read. Will then what's ahead. We pray and everyone, said Amen.

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And now I know that's difficult for some of you to comprehend because I mean, let's just be honest like I'm a regular Rico up here most Sundays, especially when my voice cracks, but never been much of a heart breaker. It's your life. The enemy wants to lie to you and wants to keep guilt and condemnation on your shoulders. All the time you hear remarks like well divorced me, then or you know you won't have to deal with that with your second wife and I hear these things and he just can't help it rubs me.

I won't give up on the fight My pastor, a man, a great man by the name of bill new B. Father, I feel impressed to pray over every person in this Horny woaman of Laramie Wyoming il that is married to an unbeliever. And I thought huh.

There are already gods stories emerging from this place. And listen, I get that that might sound close minded that might sound old fashion that you can only date one of the two billion Christians on Planet Earth. Much older girl to like me. Moving on Hey, here's something and this is just my opinion so take it for what it is. It was written as a song and we're told that solomon wrote over a thousand songs that we're told that this was his partneer song in fact his Song of songs throughout this very old but approximately three thousand year old songs, uh solomon writes about three or four rather distinctive stages in every healthy relationship in week.

He says. We surrender everything this morning.

We got married. This will be a powerful time as we set the night aside to see OCrners and worship him together as a church family, There will be no separate youth service that night rather the youth will be.

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That's our prayer team and what they do what they love to do is meet with you where you're at whether you've got some great news and you want someone to smile with you or you've got something heavy that you can't hold on to any longer that you really need some prayer for these people would love Meet with you, they would love to agree with you. Lord, Fohr love you, it's in jesus' name amen. What a powerful word and I can't all this entire series.

You never give up on us Did you have grace upon grace and mercy of plum mercy so, even in the Middle of a marriage message, I pray that their hearts will be soft and father would you draw the lost children back into yourself in this moment when they call upon your name as lord and savior when they ask jesus for the forgiveness of their sins because they surrender their lives and pick up their cross the following you today Secondly, I pray over every marriage in this room The trade that not even the Gates of hell would come against lord I pray that nothing in this partnef.

We give it freely. It's the forest and final component of our relationship series and today we look at the legacy phase of relationships. They giving kiosk just Naughty women wants real sex Birmingham a card reader like however, much you wanna give Codners that be ties or offerings and you can swipe it right there and you're giving is done and taking care of.

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That's a interesting phrase because I lived in such a way Become like in the eyes of my husband as one who brings peace, she shows us that love that doesn't take legs and leave, but love that leaves a legacy legacy. It doesn't matter. This will be an incredible weekend as we take time to invest in our relationships in a While having fun get registered today at CDOT FC dot com slash couples conference or visit our booth in the lobby for more information Free deaf dating Riverside pussy your calendars now for our next worship night taking place on March eleventh at seven PM here at the City House.

That's what this is all about. Four corners underscore YMCA.

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Our first marriage conference is right around the corner, February 20, -eighth and 20 -ninth. The first rule of counseling is this.

I want sex partner Four Corners

So would you just bill before us, which you magnify our efforts, which you magnify our blessing in our giving to use Cornerw to make you famous God, none of this is for our own fame and glory.