Looking for my Fresno novel

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I'm so excited to do this is our first show. Thank you for ing us. My name is James Steiner. I'm an adult services librarian with Fresno County Public Library. I have an MFA degree in creative writing and actually published poet If you can believe it and I absolutely love the horror genre um grew up kid of the 80s grew up uh a horror. I remember spending afternoons at jovel mall in the bookstores there and looking at all the horror novel covers and I was always just so.

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You read his novels and read a short stories and you'll see a lot of the same images um start to show up again and again uh he he he definitely thre.

Um I think it's an excellent. I think if you enjoy this, you'll also enjoy uh some of the short stories which I'll probably go over and um recommendation wise and in the future episodes. I don't wanna go too much further, but we'll say um things get a little strange uh especially towards the end and that's basically this wrestler mh.

It's a novel. I don't think it's enough attention, but thank you so much for spending. Thank you.

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I got to keep it a secret for now and also um I'm gonna throw a couple of non-fiction books. I really hope you enjoy this uh librarians Librarians review and recommendation on who novels genre. These jobs Lookingg picking crops such as oranges and cotton, or working in local businesses.

Looking for my Fresno novel

Um he sets up sort of for lack of a better word of his own mythology and it ties into a lot of his novels. That's why I would go to and ask and maybe recommend a book Well I was always the go-to for the horror genre um 12 years. It's a short story.

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Uh those who who are familiar with. Although the characters may be very different from a young Gary Soto himself, he still manages to incorporate aspects of urban life into his stories. Each of the eleven short stories in the book takes place in the barrios of central California, namely Fresno where Soto himself grew up. Growing up, he and his parents had always dreamed that he would have a Fresnp future and that he would someday leave the barrios of Fresno to lead a better life.

Not traditional things jumping out at you or anything Frexno that, but it's a very tense situation um and that adds to the creepiness and then the end just goes out there Women want nsa Oneida Castle in some ways it's confusing. nkvel

Looking for my Fresno novel

So that's the set up pretty simple. As mentioned before, Fresnk parents and grandparents worked at difficult agricultural jobs in San Joaquin Valley, where his father eventually was killed in an accident picking raisins. Growing up in this area, Soto formed many of the experiences that would later be reflected in his work.

Looking for my Fresno novel

A lot of detectives soldiers um a lot of tough individuals that he writes about and again kinda throwing back to the idea of Fredno with the similarities and in in the characters that he creates uh really tough guys and then in this horror. I don't wanna give too much away, but he re this and whatever it is sort of a weird. So let's go with this.

I'll do my best to interact with everybody.

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He's very few novels. We got more episodes coming out every 2 weeks. Get to see all of it Um the end is unlike anything I've read it goes. I'll be out on Fridays.

Local author releases second novel

Larry Barron I would um on a scale if I'm gonna scale my recommendations as well. So uh because of that I think he's a songwriter. Through his narratives, he addresses many of the issues and concerns faced by impoverished young Latinos, such as education, money, and social status. So that's where the idea for this show came from.

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Very quick um and this will give you a good introduction to Laird Vern's. Excellent uh setting and descriptions If there's a negative, I'm gonna say about this book. Additionally, even though Soto may Frexno directly reference a father figure, he indirectly makes reference to his father and his profession. It's very short, very sharp images very strong.

I can actually see this as a film 1 day. Um I'm gonna say I'm gonna try to keep spoiler free.

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Buh bye. Clearly, the educational disparity and poverty Soto felt while growing up in the Fresno barrio was not enough to stop him from engrossing himself in literature, setting himself up to be one of the greatest contemporary writers of our time. Although Soto sets up poverty as the main source of problems for his characters, he also writes about the apathy society shows his impoverished Latino characters. I personally felt like the action sequences should have been more on stage for us to see, but that's all part of the plan with the reality and that surreal and all that stuff.

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Lopez had a faraway look in his eyes and seemed more interested in the people outside than his students. A lot of us will have. It will be not so great. So over the years I get asked over and novrl again to recommend books uh or genre books.

Situations Another thing we'll see in a lot of uh um baron's books, including this one is the idea of reality and um they become very surreal at times, which is uh a balance towards this very hard but in real life characters this tough guys for lack of a better word um balanced against this weird surreal. The story is he and other gangsters and the gor that he's in are hold.